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mg电子游戏网站大全:Investment institutions once again optimistic about the return of stocks

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内容摘要: At the beginning of the new year, the three major indices such as the S \u0026 P 500 hit a new high and directly slashed the market's atten...

At the beginning of the new year, the three major indices such as the S \u0026 P 500 hit a new high and directly slashed the market's attention from the "good start" A-shares and Hong Kong stocks back to the US stock market. In the shares is even more subject to strong financial concerns, Renren gains as high as 76% in just two days, the performance of this sector was interpreted as the industry's odd tiger tiger 360 backdoor reminder in the stock to return to expectations.

According to the interviewees, despite the fact that Qihoo 360 backdoor was only a case in the past year, the general environment for the return of China stocks is quite different from the previous one. This change deserves our attention. On the other hand, considering the past return cases, these companies are of excellent quality and growth potential. Individual companies have become China's core assets as standard in the fund. This will allow even more high-quality stocks that are still on the way to return to the US stock market Concerned.

Soaring Stock Price Triggers Regression Conjecture

With the global economic recovery, US stocks performed well in 2017. The beginning of the New Year, the US stock market continues this trend, Dow Jones, , the S \u0026 P 500 hit a record high for the three major indexes, while stocks are particularly prominent performance, Renren just reached a two-day gain 76%, blue flood communications and other companies are also close to 10% increase.

shares soared in the market interpreted as odd tiger 360 backdoor will be reminded to heat up in the stock return to expectations. On the last working day of 2017, Qihoo 360 Asset Restructuring was duly approved by the SFC. January 2, 2018 Jiangnan Jiajie Soon after the resumption of trading, the price of the shares was firmly sealed on the daily limit.

This change also means that the stock will return to a long drought every rain.

In 2015, the China stock market set off a wave of return to A shares. According to the statistics of Shanghai Securities News, at that time, at least 32 China-made stocks listed in the United States alone had received privatization offers successively, a figure that exceeded the sum of 2010 to 2014. However, with the Focus Media , giant network return to the domestic capital market, the market takes stock in return for some questioned that such companies return to A-share market have a greater particularity, obviously domestic and foreign markets Spreads, shell speculation and other phenomena should be highly concerned.

Against this background, in May 2016, the CSRC said it has taken note of the above market reaction and is conducting an in-depth analysis of the possible impact of such enterprises on the A-share market through IPO and merger and reorganization.

Since then, the medium stocks gradually return to silence until Qihoo 360 met.

firm Layout "core assets"

view on the market today takes stock return has become more rational, south of a large fund company of QDII fund managers Shi said in an interview with reporters, in almost environment before the return of shares Compared to quite different, combined with the A-share market value investment era, the future of high-quality stocks will be more and more attention.

The abovementioned fund sources refer to various aspects of the environment. First, when the SFC previously responded to the backstall of Qihoo 360, the SFC will give priority to supporting high-quality overseas businesses that are in line with the development direction of the national industrial strategy and possess core technologies and a certain scale Listed Chinese-funded enterprises to participate in A-share mergers and acquisitions. Second, the SSE is making every effort to promote and build the "new blue chip" segment, which will attract industry leaders and representative enterprises representing the new economy. It is foreseeable that the future of new blue-chip companies there is still much room for improvement, which may be born BAT enterprises or unicorn enterprises, so that investors can share their growth.

According to the latest research report released by the Investment Research Institute in the United States in 2017 Research Report , the market share of medium stocks has more obvious technology-driven properties in terms of industry share. The market capitalization of TMT enterprises accounts for 64.37% of the total. The remaining The industry has medical biology, consumption and so on.

According to a fund investment director in Shanghai, judging from past cases of return, most of the companies that reach the threshold for listing A-shares are of excellent quality and growth potential. Some of the companies in the industry have been hailed as "China's core assets" Has also become the fund Awkwardness.





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